Franksmile Impression Kit &  Invisible Aligner Treatment

Franksmile Impression Kit & Invisible Aligner Treatment

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Impression Kit:2 sets of trays, putty and easy-to-follow instructions on how to capture clear impressions for creating aligners. We'll ship these to you overnight at no additional cost. Use the included Smile Spreader to help shoot photos of your teeth, which are necessary to build your new smile.

Invisible Aligner Treatment: we leverage the latest 3D printing technology to custom develop your aligner treatment. Our printers customise individual details thinner than the thickness of your hair. We carefully hand finished and polished each aligner to ensure maximum comfort and durability. 

Once the treatment is completed, it’s important to wear a retainer in order to keep your newly aligned smile in place. That’s why we offer a complimentary retainer after you finish treatment.